Top 10 Revenge Quotes From the Season 2 Finale, “Truth, Part 1 and 2″: “It’s Called Plexiglass, Dumbass”
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Top 10 Revenge Quotes From the Season 2 Finale, “Truth, Part 1 and 2″: “It’s Called Plexiglass, Dumbass”

Declan is dead and our bodies have ceased to function. In fact, we're currently passed out on the floor in a puddle of lobster-flavored tears. Yet somehow we've managed to round up the Top 10 quotes from Revenge's epic two-hour finale, and we think it's because the ghost of Declan is controlling our fingers. His voice wants to be heard, everyone, and he wants us to relay this important message: "Dress my baby in hemp, k thanks." Will do, Declan. Will do.

10. Emily muses in her opening monologue: "Darkness scares us."
Voice of a generation, guys.

9. Nolan stays nerdy in a crisis: "Even the dusty 2G networks are down."
Um, don't hate on 2G Nolan. Some of us still use Nokia phones.

8. Conrad gifts us with a speech: "Shrink we will not."
Guess we know where Daniel got his poetry gene from.

7. Jack shoves Nolan: "Not so fast, friend!"
LOL, oh Jack.

6. Regina continues to hate on Declan: "Whatever, pervert. Stop looking for a threesome."

5. Nolan chats with Jack: "Slow your roll."
Stop harshing his mellow, Jack.

4. Declan checks out Jack's hilarious disguise: "Jack? Why are you a nurse?"
The real question? Why did no one notice a total stranger trolling around the hospital?

3. Regina mocks Declan as he attempts to break a window: "It's called plexiglass, dumbass."
It's called LEAVE DECLAN ALONE, Regina.

2. Declan tries to make a joke: "Blackmail is how I land all of my girls."
Sob, everything he says is beautiful and must be documented.

1. Victoria muses: "One morning you will wake up hollow with nothing but regret and misery to fill your days."
This is why she's our life coach.

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