The Top 15 Vampire Diaries Quotes From the Season 4 Finale
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The Vampire Diaries

The Top 15 Vampire Diaries Quotes From the Season 4 Finale

Sure the action scenes (and we mean that in both senses) are fun, but the real reason we love The Vampire Diaries are the quips Stefan (Paul Wesley), Elena (Nina Dobrev), Damon (Ian Somerhalder), and the rest exchange in between stakings and making out. Check out our top 15 quotes from Season 4, Episode 23,”Graduation.”

15. Have you met Mystic Falls?
Caroline, to Bonnie: Are you telling me that we might graduate right smack in the middle of a ghost-filled Expression triangle?

14. These ghosts are so sassy.
Bonnie, to Katherine: Here I was hoping the ghost of anyone would’ve killed you by now.

13. Low blow
Elena, to Stefan: The only person worse at being a vampire than me is you.

12. Sage advice
Damon: I got the girl.
Alaric: Now don’t screw it up.

11. Post-high-school plans
Stefan, to Lexi:Maybe I will move to Australia. I can live in a yurt.

10. Lexi’s Loveline
Lexi, to Stefan: She will always be an epic love. Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple “ones.” Especially for a vampire.

9. Can we start calling Elena that?
Katerine, to Elena: Happy graduation, Cupcake.

8. And then they KISS.
Rebekah, to Matt: The first rule of truly living: Do the thing you’re most afraid of.

7. That time will never come. Never!
Caroline: Klaus, now is not the time to decide you’re over me.

6. Vampires gotta hug!
Stefan: I don’t hug.
Caroline: Oh, get over yourself.

5. Elena definitely feels.
Elena, to Damon: Fine, then I'm not sorry either. I'm not sorry that I met you. I'm not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything. And, that in death you're the one that made me feel the most alive.

4. No wonder he never needed to go to class.
Stefan: Damon, help me celebrate my 17th high school graduation.

3. Gotta love drunk Stefan.
Stefan, to Damon: How selfish of me to be indulging in these precious moments with my formerly dead best friend. I should be sacrificing my own happiness for the good of others, right? I should be upstairs grooming my hero hair.
Damon: Are you drunk?
Stefan: I don’t know, Mom. Am I?

2. Hey Matt, can Jer use the mansion while you’re gone?
Jeremy: I’m dead. What are they going to do? Throw me in juvie?
Alaric: At least you’d have a place to live.

1. Don’t take away his home!
Alaric, to Connor: This is my bar, pal. Nobody’s gonna blow it up.

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