Top 3 Beckett and Castle Moments, Episode 3.2, “He’s Dead, She’s Dead”
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Top 3 Beckett and Castle Moments, Episode 3.2, “He’s Dead, She’s Dead”

An episode full of talk about fate, and yet, our two leads are still in denial about their own. Check out the top three Beckett and Castle moments from Episode 3.2.

3. Soul mates and unicorns.
Outside of Albert Moreno’s Mobster House of Love, Castle asks Beckett what she thinks about the reunion of high school sweethearts Albert and Loreen. Beckett claims not to believe in fate or soul mates, which is obviously not true, but she must play the role of the cynic to counterbalance his blind optimism, because...we’re actually not sure why. Anyway, the most important thing we learned from this conversation is that the detective stopped believing in Santa at age three. So, before she was even capable of writing him a coherent letter, she thought to herself, “You know, this just isn’t adding up.”

2. The possibility of magic.
Just as they’re about to drop in on Toni Johnston, Castle tells his partner that even though it looks like Vivian Marchand was onto something about a killer she was hunting, Beckett will probably just think it’s coincidence. Beckett asks, “Castle, why is it so important to you that I believe all this stuff about fates and psychics and Santa Claus?” He says, “Because if you don’t believe in the possibility of magic, you’ll never, ever find it.” It’s an incredibly cheesy line, but Nathan Fillion sells it.

1. Funny, my name just happens to BE Alexander.
Yes, even the psychics are weighing in on this relationship now. Vivian Marchand’s daughter Penny tells Beckett that someone with the name Alexander might save her life someday. Now, if someone told us this, we would be giddy with excitement and probably creep out everyone we met with that name from then on. But Beckett is all, “I’m too defensive to believe in good things, psychic! I don’t even know an Alexander!” Oh, yes you do. We’ll give you a few hints. He’s tall, he’s a writer, and his pen name rhymes with Schmastle. The final exchange between Kate Beckett and Richard Alexander Rodgers gives us hope that one day, the visions of a murdered psychic’s daughter will no longer be necessary to remind these two that they’re perfect for each other.

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