Top 3 High School Clichés from Episode 1.21, “Funk”

Glee is full of moments so unexpected they require us to rewind our Tivos just to ensure it wasn't all a hazy fever dream! But even this show is not immune to the moment or two here and there that we've seen in just about every high school movie or TV show ever made. Here are the three most cliched high school moments so glaring we couldn't just let them slide. Someone's got to keep this show on its toes... !

3. Toilet paper and eggs — we've never seen those before!

For a supposedly intimidating group, we were shocked that the best pranks that Vocal Adrenaline could come up with were toilet-papering the New Directions room and throwing eggs at Rachel. Those weren't exactly worthy of Animal House or anything.

2. Revenge doesn't go as planned

Was there anyone who was shocked to see that Schue's shoddily planned revenge plot — involving his dance of seduction in front of Sue — ended up backfiring, as it was the students in the Cheerios who suffered? And why is it that Sue's revenge plots are stable and well-fortified, as if to have been constructed with the equivalent of concrete and steel beams, while Schue's fall apart so quickly, as if held together by a gluestick and some twisty-ties?

1. So Finn and Puck don't find their true calling at the Sheets 'N' Things? Shocking!

For as long as TV high school kids are being goaded by their parents or authority figures into taking jobs, the jobs have been boring and frequent sources of complaining. Wouldn't it have been fun if we see that Puck is, say, a natural at memorizing thread counts?

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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