Top 3 Most Outrageous Sue Moments from Glee Season 2, Episode 3: “Grilled Cheesus”

Is there a character on Glee — or on any current show on television for that matter, save for perhaps our friend The Situation — who better embodies the phrase "love to hate" than Sue Sylvester? In any given episode, it can be tough to keep track of all her myriad antics, as each moment seems to be more sinister and ridiculous than the last. To that end, we have compiled our top three most jaw-dropping Sue moments from Episode 2.3, “Grilled Cheesus.” Sure, these moments may be pretty evil, but they're pretty fun to watch, too! Admit it.

Top 3 Most Outrageous Sue Moments from Glee Season 2, Episode 3: “Grilled Cheesus”
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3. Kicks Emma out of her office
Obviously, when it comes to getting close with people at the workplace, Emma and Sue will never be confused for Jim and Pam on The Office. Still, even for Sue, it was a low blow to compare Emma to an orangutan as she throws her out of her office. Of course, monkeys are talented enough to open bananas with their feet, so we suppose it’s not the worst insult in the world.

2. Tells on Will
Sue — nothing if not a tattle-tale — gathers Figgins and Will to inform the glee leader that they can’t sing faith-themed songs anymore. And we discover that she knows what Will does because she has hidden cameras in the room! We’re starting to think Sue could be a pretty good private investigator, if only she didn’t so vehemently hate having to help people.

1. Convinces Kurt to file a complaint against Schue
Sue pounces on Kurt when he’s feeling most vulnerable, which is only one of her many charms. And then she gets Kurt to betray his own glee club. She manages to make him quite the traitor, like when Benedict Arnold left the Continental Army to join the Brits, or when Johnny Damon left the Red Sox for the Yankees.

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