X Factor 2013: Which Top 4 Girls Are Going to Live Shows?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: Which Top 4 Girls Are Going to Live Shows?

Thank the lawd The X Factor 2013’s brutal “Four Chair Challenge” is half done, because it’s hard to watch contestants get told they’re awesome, and then have them get bumped a few minutes later. On the October 3 middle round elimination, Demi Lovato had the terrible task of whittling her big 10 contestants down to just four. Who are they?

Danie Geimer, 15, Northridge, CA. Student Danielle really wants to be a neurosurgeon, but as far as the self-confessed book nerd is concerned, that’s just a backup plan. Really, she just wants to be a singer, so that the people who “trip over her” every day at school while she sits in the hallway will know that they’re “tripping over a star.” In the eliminations round, Danie sang Ray Charles’s “Georgia on My Mind,” taking Simone Torres’s seat moments after the curly-haired singer sat down.

Rion Paige, 13, Jacksonville, FL. The judges were in awe of Rion's voice and her amazing spirit. Demi called her an "incredible, special girl" and said she couldn’t let her go, sending previous chair-dweller Ashly Williams outsky. And it was well deserved, with Rascal Flatts’s “I Won’t Let Go” like a freaking champ.

Khaya Cohen, 15, New York, NY. The student from the City sang "Locked out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars on night one of The X Factor’s Four Chair Challenge, securing her seat on the October 2. Which, honestly, seems just awful: Imagine not just being nervous to perform, but also having to worry that someone will steal your seat the entire time. But cool as a cucumber, Khaya sailed into the Live Shows round.

Ellona Santiago, 16, San Lorenzo, CA. We’ll give it to the feisty Ellona: This girl is tough as nails. She made it into Season 1’s Top 12 as part of the group inTENsity, which was booted off the show. So, when she had to face down Demi Lovato and the judging panel, she put her stiletto down and faced the music. Her less than perfect version of Zedd’s “Clarity” made Demi unsure that Ellona has what it takes to win the competition. But after much booing from the crowd over Dem’s wavering, the judge gave in, kicking Jamie Pineda out of her chair with the last move of the night.

What do you think of the Final Four Girls? Did Demi and the rest of the panel make the right choice, or was one of your favorites eliminated in the process?

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