Top 5 Best Russell Edgington Quotes From True Blood Season 5
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Top 5 Best Russell Edgington Quotes From True Blood Season 5

Even though Russell Edgington blew up in the True Blood Season 5 finale, he left behind plenty of amazing one-liners.

Whether it was praising Lilith or making ridiculous sexual comments about the blood he was drinking, Russ had an interesting way with words. And while we won’t see him in Season 6, these Top 5 quotable lines will have us talking for seasons to come!

5. Russell rolls his eyes in Season 5, Episode 6: "Peace is for pussies."

And he lived through the ‘70s, too!

4. Russell Bible thumps in Season 5, Episode 8: "Praise Lilith, praise Jesus, praise Moses' c—k! I am born again!"

Usually being born again is to gain innocence, but in Russell’s case, it was the opposite.

3. Russell drinks up a faerie in Season 5, Episode 11: "Oh, sweet merciful f—k, that was delicious. Heaven, thy name is faerie!"

Hmm … wonder what he said when he first tasted Kool-Aid?

2. Russell complains about the iStake in Season 5, Episode 10: "It chafes the nipples."


1. Russell bonds with The Authority in Season 5, Episode 8: "God has the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen!"

Lilith’s girls deserve their own section in the True Blood credits.

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