Top 5 Bromantic Moments of Jersey Shore Episode 2.8, “All in the Family”
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Top 5 Bromantic Moments of Jersey Shore Episode 2.8, “All in the Family”

There were bromantic moments left and right in Jersey Shore Episode 2.8. From Uncle Nino showing 'em how it's done to Pauly D and Vinny getting ready for a double date, the bros were out and rockin' this week.

5. A bro learns the truth. Sometimes, being a bro isn't all fun and games sometimes. Take this moment between The Situation and his newest pal, Jose. Angelina has been messing around on Jose (with Vinny, ironically), and The Sitch thinks Jose deserves to know the truth. It was an admirable gesture, and the Bro Gods are surely shining down on him now.

4. We 'bout to get to the business. There are romantic moments, there are bromantic moments, and sometimes we are treated to the rare, beautiful combination of the two. After bringing two girls back to their room and somehow getting them out of their dresses and into sweatpants, The Situation and Pauly bask in each other's awesomeness. Until they learn that the girls both have boyfriends and don't want to fool around.

3. Want half? This is why The Situation is such a great bro: he supports his buddies even when they're in the middle of a Smash Sesh. Here, he cheers Pauly on, makes sure he has everything he needs, and even offers him a bite of egg sandwich in the middle of it all. Pauly, you are one lucky dude.

2 I'm in heaven! As an O.G. (Original Guido), Uncle Nino must know a thing or two about bromantic moments. He gave us a good one this week, because what's more bromantic than hanging out in a hot tub with a bunch of cute guidettes? That's right: nothin'. He showed those young guns how it's really done. Uncle Nino is certainly and O.B. as well.

1. Two of the rarest bros. Oh, what a glorious bromantic outing this was. There's something so perfect about Vinny and Pauly getting ready for a double date: It's like watching The Beatles warm up for a gig. They get their hair cut, they get some new clothes, and they even buy their girls some flowers. If only Vinny's date hadn't bailed. Tragic.

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