Top 5 Bromantic Moments of Jersey Shore, Episode 2.10

Jersey Shore

Top 5 Bromantic Moments of Jersey Shore, Episode 2.10

Bromance is one thing that Episode 2.10 was not lacking. After all, when times get tough, bros pull together. And things were tough for some of our bros this week. The Situation found bro-comfort after his altercation with Angelina, all the boys had to deal with the fowl stench of a rotting sandwich, and two very special bros had to deal with how awesome their new song was.

5. Aw, He’s Worried About His Bro!
Moments after the fight between Angelina and The Situation, Ronnie showed true concern for his bro. Before this, we weren’t sure if Ronnie was worried about anything else except making sure his faux-hawk was perfectly symmetrical: “Mike’s sitting still, and Mike’s got ADD so Mike never sits still. So I’m worried at this point.” It’s so nice to know that your bro really cares about you, even if they’re basing it on advanced psychological diagnostic techniques.

5. “Let Me Show You, Bro!”

Among the numerous silver linings that arose from Angelina’s departure, perhaps no lining was more silver-y than the potential for Vinny to move into Angelina’s vacated premises. Vinny and Pauly were so excited to move into the same room that Pauly felt the need to give Vinny an immediate tour of his new digs. Slumber party every night!

Top 5 Bromantic Moments of Jersey Shore, Episode 2.10
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3. “It Had Bacon On It”
This was perhaps the only point in history that a group of bros were NOT excited about a sandwich. We must say, we understand. All these guys wanted to do was go on a good old fashioned GTL session, and then they have to deal with a horrendous smell in their Escalade. The bros stuck it out, together, though. That’s what bros do.

2. “Don’t Feel Bad That She’s Crying”
Following Angelina and The Situation’s most epic (and perhaps final) shouting match, it was a complete Bro-Summit on the couch as the boys discussed what had to be done about her. There was much consoling for The Situation, who seemed to be a little shaken up about it. We liked Pauly’s idea the best. Her clothes are already in a big ball!

1. You Can’t Possibly Be Surprised This is #1

“I’ve got a big blowout, but I have no gel! I can’t let my fro out, I take my big boat out!” Just when you think Vinny and Pauly’s bromance has reached its emotional peak, it somehow finds a way to progress to greater and more beautiful heights.

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12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rich Piepho
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