Top 5 Jersey Shore Tweets of the Week – September 7
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Top 5 Jersey Shore Tweets of the Week – September 7

The Jersey Shore kids love to tweet, and we love following every single word they say! In case you aren’t following the kids as closely as we are, we’ve rounded up the funniest, silliest, and most surprising tweets from our favorite guidos and guidettes for this week.

5. Sammi and Ronnie did some babysitting: My #BeautifulGirls”

Are you two preparing for kids? Hmm...

4. Jionni started to wonder about lil’ Lorenzo: “I need to have a sit down with You! Why does Lorenzo look like you?? Kinda weird.

Snooki having sex with Roger? We don’t think that’s even physically possible.

3. Roger denies his engagement to JWOWW: “The only jewelry in this relationship is my monkey. AKA my ball and chain.

Referring to your lady as a “ball and chain” probably won’t help you win her hand when you do end up proposing.

2. Deena ditches the guidette look: “Rainy days #nomakeup #wavyhair #comfyness.

Unless Deena wakes up looking like she is already wearing eyeliner (which wouldn’t surprise us at this point) we don’t think this counts as “no make-up.”

1. Snooki hits a milestone: “I fit in my heels again! WOHOOOOOO

Giving birth to a baby? No big deal. Giving up heels? The biggest sacrifice of Snooki’s life.

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