Top 5 Most Ridiculous Moments from Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 5
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Jersey Shore

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Moments from Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 5

Another week, another deliciously unhealthy portion of hot-mess goodness! Whether it's punching each other in the face, or sliding down a stripper pole, those meat heads sure know how to deliver. Here are our top 5 favorite moments from Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 5.

Vinny's obsession with props:
First there was the grenade whistle, a mythical instrument used to strike fear in the most beastly of unwanted grenades; and then there was the stripper pole, which is bound to reward us with hours and hours of hilarious pole fails (and, judging by its flimsy stability, more than a handful of life-threatening concussions). Frankly, we're just excited to see what new comedic props Vinny brings home next week.

Ron and Sam can't break up to save their lives:
So close — Ron was so close! We've been watching these two spar for what seems like a painfully long lifetime, and we actually thought that maybe — just maybe! — Sam's right hook would have been the straw that broke this broke-down camel's back. Oh, how wrong we were.

Get a room!
Jenni really, really, really likes Roger — although you'd never know it by the way she finally bedded him! In a dinky spare room, seemingly on a couch, in front of a camera crew, and next to two yipping pups. And who said romance is dead?

When Vinny met Gina...
...he also had to meet her overbearing, Italian family — which included somebody called Nicky Ducks. If Hollywood and its love affair with Mafia movies has taught us anything, it's "don't piss off an Italian man with a deceivingly adorable nickname." Well played in letting Gina go, Vin. Well played. But it looks like Snooki benefited the most from Gina's appearance on the show!

Bigmouth strikes again
The Situation is, without a doubt, Jersey Shore's biggest, most gossipy shiz-stirrer. Not only did he instigate Sam's fists of fury by opening his big gob about Ron and Jenni's makeup, but he devilishly delighted in telling Deena all about the sex-gossip Dean was spreading about her. With all of this cheeky rumor-mongering, we're starting to think that Mike may have missed his true calling... As a reality TV-show blogger.