Top 5 Most Ridiculous Moments From Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 6, Episode 1
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Top 5 Most Ridiculous Moments From Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 6, Episode 1

The Season 6 premiere was chock full of cray cray, obvs! Kim brought a pretty heavy dose of lovestruck delusion to the table, but she wasn't the only Kardashian to make this week's list. Here are the top five ridiculous moments from the show:

5. Kris Humphries Burps in Kim's Mouth
There's making a good first impression on reality TV, and then there's burping into your famous girlfriend's mouth less than 60 seconds into the new season of her hit TV show. Sure, swapping belches might be the kind of thing that Kris and Kim are into in the privacy of their own home (who knows! Kim sure didn't seem to mind it) — but c'mon, dude, this is a really piss-poor way to make a good first impression on America — let alone with super-tough mama hen Kris Jenner.

4. Palm Is the Worst Assistant. Ever.
For a split second, we almost felt bad for Kris's new assistant, Palm, when she mistakenly called Khloe "Kourtney." But only for a split second. Because, really, would it have killed this her to watch an old episode or two, or fire up the ole Google machine, before starting her job? Besides, even blind 3-year-olds in Mongolia can point out the differences between Khloe and her sisters, so poor Palm doesn't really have any excuses for her giant name fail.

3. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Angry Words
Kim went kuh-RAZY when she found pictures of her ex-boyfriends in Khloe's bedroom — and rightly so! But honestly, did anybody else get a whiff of "staged" from the whole argument? Not only did the bust-up conveniently fit perfectly into the episode's overall theme, but we also found it hard to believe that any self-respecting married woman would have so many weird pictures right next to her marital bed. And if the whole thing wasn't staged? — then all we can say is "Yikes, Khloe. Yikes."

2. Kris' First Flip-Out of the Season
Mama Kris went a bit nutso when Kourtney and Khloe skipped a super-important meeting just to prove a point. And guess what: We're totally on Kris's side! Not only were the girls uber-rude to their hard-workin' mother, but they also kept total strangers waiting for over an hour. Girls: It's one thing to be a total jag to your family members, but it's another thing to bust out the 'tude with people you don't even know.

1. Kim's Aussie Trip = A Really Bad Idea
In this week's episode, Kim really wants sister Khloe to meet her new boyf, and love him as much as she does. And her plan for making this all happen? Why, a double-date to scenic Australia! That's right, Kim (who's brain obviously hadn't re-pressurized from all that back-and-forth flying between L.A. and NYC) thought a 24-hour-flight would be the perfect opportunity for Khloe and Lamar to get to know Kris Humphries. Hmm... what's the proper etiquette for transcontinental flight introductions, Kim? Should your family meet Kris in the departures lounge? — or should you save introductions until after the cabin crew have given their safety demonstration?

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