Dancing With The Stars

Top 5 “Oh, Snap!” Moments: Season 10, Week 10: Performance

Wait a minute. The behind-the-scenes drama was with (gasp) Evan & Anna and Len was happy to share affection with Maks?! Is this Night 1 of the DWTS Season 10 finale or a rerun of The Twilight Zone?

5. Erin & Maks spend the night in bed

Hello! Talk about playing up the hype ... Maks decided he and Erin should go way outside their comfort zone by dancing a contemporary routine — which is not his style of dance either. He and Erin did a Freestyle where they moved from a couch to rolling around on a bed in the middle of the dance floor. At the end of the routine, Carrie Ann said they had a bit of a stumble during a toss on the bed. Maks: “It wasn’t the bed we rehearsed on.” Tom: “Oversharing!” No, tell us more!

4. "Ass" kissing

Bruno was obsessed with Erin’s behind before, during and after her Samba. During rehearsals he stopped by the studio and yelled to her, “Look at your ass! Look at the ass! Did you see?” During judging he said, “You were hotter than noon in the tropics. You worked that butt like I couldn’t believe the results. My head is still shaking. I mean, we wanted fun, we got it. We wanted butt, we got it.” Meanwhile, Len only had eyes for Maks. At the end of their Samba, Erin & Maks went up to Len and kissed him on both cheeks. “You fulfilled one of my dreams. I always wanted to be kissed by a man with a beard. Just to see if it prickled.” Thanks for oversharing, too!

3. Build up to pointless diss

Carrie Ann, sounding like she loved Nicole’s Rumba, but really only working up to a lecture from The Lift Police. “Nicole, as far as your performance goes, the only way you could grow was to become vulnerable and to allow the edges to soften — and all those edges softened. This was just the most mesmerizing. I could not take my eyes off any bit of the moment — and I saw the lift at the end.”

Screech the record to a halt! Derek: “No, it was after the music finished.” Carrie Ann: “No, it wasn’t finished. I was waiting, listening to the music and it wasn’t done. He was done with his note, but the song wasn’t done.” Derek: “I was conscious about it!” Then Carrie Ann had the nerve to squawk at Len for saying Nicole had “a little lack of confidence” here and there. Pshaw! What is the point of The Lift Police, anyway?

So You Don’t Think You Can Choreograph?

Erin & Maks’ Freestyle turned into a routine from So You Think You Can Dance. Literally, since SYTYCD choreographer Mandy Moore stopped by to basically put the whole routine together. How is it not cheating to have outside choreographers basically do your Freestyle for you? Evan & Anna fell into the same trap, asking a choreographer named Bobby Newberry to help them find a middle ground, since Anna was having a Kate/Nicole/Erin stress attack and Evan didn’t seem to trust her. Derek was apparently the only one to do his own choreography, unless they decided to edit out the part where Julianne did it for him. But considering they love to keep the drama edits, we doubt it.

1. Anna & Evan (gasp!) fight and Anna (gasp!) cries

Wow. Evan & Anna are usually the calm, emotionless robotic couple. This week we got to see some of their drama. Anna said she’s been getting advice and choreographing their Freestyle for a while. But Evan was questioning her moves as too Broadway and not risk-taking or, even, “so sloppy.” Evan: "I think we have a difference of opinion about what style. You’re going for like this. (Waves his arms out in a Broadway style.) This cheeky stuff and that’s not going to compete with anyone.” Anna, sounding tired and upset: “Whatever. You tell me what you want to do. It’s your Freestyle.”


He said what they’re doing is going to look like what they’ve always done and it can’t be that way. She agreed. He went to prepare to skate as she cried in the rehearsal room. Anna in a separate interview to the camera: “I’d rather do 100 Paso Dobles and Jives than one Freestyle, because there’s so much pressure. It’s been proven throughout the seasons that whoever wins the Freestyle wins the competition.” Anna, crying in the studio: “It’s a little scary. I’m a little bit freaked out.” Poor Anna! Especially since they got the lowest scores.