Top 5 RHoNJ Tweets of the Week: August 10
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Top 5 RHoNJ Tweets of the Week: August 10

If there's one thing The Real Housewives of New Jersey love to do, it's run their yappers ... and we love to LOL at their random rants. Thank you, Twitter!

Check out our roundup of the top tweets of the week.

Disclaimer: We don't edit for typos.

5. Albie Manzo: "Watching the Godfather. Call me crazy, but I still think the most insulting thing you can call and Italian guy is Fredo."


4. Jacqueline Laurita: "This morning I hid the [vitamin] supplements in French toast batter."

Good way to build trust.

3. Caroline Manzo: "-Good n Plenty and Jolly Ranchers are underrated -"

Once again, the woman speaks truth.

2. Jacqueline: "I use cedar wood hangers only because they match my closet. Lol! My husband will sometimes use different suit hangers and it drives me crazy"

First world problems.

1. Jacqueline: "For those that think that my boy clinging to me like Velcro means I could b pregnant, u need another theory. My tubes r tied!"

OK, good to know.

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