Top 5 RHoNJ Tweets of the Week: October 12
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Top 5 RHoNJ Tweets of the Week: October 12

If there's one thing The Real Housewives of New Jersey love to do, it's run their yappers ... and we love to LOL at their random rants. Thank you, Twitter!

Check out our roundup of the top tweets of the week.

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5. Jacqueline Laurita: "Santino, my dog, always tries to get into the shower with my boys. If he makes it in, he just sits there. Is that normal? Lol!"

Spa puppy!

4. Melissa Gorga: "Did T seriously write a whole lying blog about my daughter? This is why I'm moving. Always about her."

At least we're not talking about the cookbook anymore.

3. Caroline Manzo: "I feel like I'm watching a real housewife reunion as I watch the debate -"

Which one is Teresa?

2. Melissa Gorga: "I'm on my way Tarzan. lol!"


1. Caroline Manzo: "when life hands you lemons make lemonade and find someone else who life handed them vodka and have a party"

Wise words indeed.

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