Top 5 Ridiculous Moments from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Reunion, Part 2
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Top 5 Ridiculous Moments from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Reunion, Part 2

We know what you're thinking: How can we possibly pick only five ridiculous moments for any given Housewives eppy? Admittedly, this is one challenging task, but we managed to narrow it down. Read on for our picks for The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Reunion, Part 2.

5. Mama Joyce's Freak Number Inquiry... Why?
Just when we were almost done recovering from the disturbing image of Kandi's mother getting naughty with a dildo, which had come with a "Love, your daughter, Kandi" gift tag, no less, some sick and twisted viewer's dying to know what Mama Joyce's freak number is? WTF?! Don't get us wrong — we're all for Mama Joyce gettin' her groove on... we just don't want to hear all the juicy details.

4. NeNe's Grandchild is None of Her Business
When Andy Cohen asked NeNe if Brice was going to be a father, NeNe told him she would like to know herself, but he would have to ask him because "that's his personal business." WTH does that mean? Since when are grandparents left out of the loop completely? We know NeNe doesn't want to be her kids' friends, but this is ridiculous.

3. Shereé's Defense
In response to her Aston Martin getting repossessed, Shereé set the record straight. Being repo'ed implies that Shereé wasn't keeping up with her payments, but that's not the case. The fancy car was actually paid in full. Turns out she had other unpaid bills to the tune of $80,000 and that's why her wheels were taken away. OK, so Shereé's broke and totally irresponsible.

2. Kim Reaches a New Level of Tone Deaf
Andy Cohen had to ask Kim THREE times whether or not she felt that she was more valuable to "Tardy for the Party" than Kandi was. C'mon, it's a simple question. Unfortunately, when you ended up with 80k plus and the woman who put all the work in only got four grand max, it's not so easy to answer that particular query. Kim deals with it by playing up her tone deaf reputation.

1. NeNe... Just NeNe
Oh, NeNe, at this point, we're just straight-up embarrassed for you, boo. She was practically begging Shereé to take her side over Kim's, repeatedly accusing, "Didn't she hit you below the belt? Didn't she? Didn't she?" Clearly trying to stay out of the inane battle, poor Shereé pleaded that she wasn't on the bus. Meanwhile, NeNe just kept spewing nonsense, talking over Kim any time she opened her mouth, and claiming that the only time when she hits below the belt is when she's hit first. Um, really? Is that how it happened with Phaedra, too? Enough already. Next!

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