Top 5 Teen Mom Tweets of the Week: January 11 Edition
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Top 5 Teen Mom Tweets of the Week: January 11 Edition

The Teen Moms love to voice their worldly opinions about love, friendship, and this week the Titanic, so thank goodness for a little thing called Twitter. Check out our roundup of the most OMG tweets of the week!

5. Briana complains about life's hardships: "Sucks being constipated."

Annnd, there goes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4. Mackenzie attempts to bathe her child: "Only in my family would we take Gannon to take a bath but my dad put a bucket of fish in the tub."

All our Little Mermaid dreams are coming true!

3. Katie watches Catfish: "Whyyyyy rose?!?! First jack on titanic now this! This is just unforgivable."

We appreciate any and all Titanic references. In the words of Dido, WE WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.

2. Gary makes music: "When I can't sleep I pick up my guitar and pick away. Maybe I'll tweet a song again 1 day we shall see."

OMG, this is a historical moment.

1. Jenelle gets smart: "dude I love algebra lmfao."

Jenelle + Courtland + Alfredo Sauce = Love

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