Top 5 Things We Want to See on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2013
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Top 5 Things We Want to See on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2013

We’ve loved just about every moment from the past year on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, whether it’s been a touching conversation or a jaw-dropping feud. But we still have some changes that we’d like to see in the coming year. Here are five things that we’re hoping will happen on the show in 2013.

5. A little less instigating from Kyle
We love Kyle’s humor and knack for sparking conversation, but sometimes her chattiness leads to bringing up topics that are best left alone. For example, we wish she hadn’t rehashed Brandi’s “shut the f**k up” remark to Adrienne in the limo home from Ojai, or asked Brandi about her issues with Adrienne in front of the whole group at Lisa’s tasting which led to Brandi’s infamous comment. Maybe Kyle can show a bit more discretion in the future.

4. More Yolanda and Camille airtime, please!
Yolanda and Camille have proven to be two of the more sensible people on the show this season so why have they been featured so sparingly on the show? We feel that things might not have gotten quite as bad at Mauricio’s event and Kyle’s dinner party had Yolanda been around to help talk sense into everyone. Plus, seeing more of Yolanda on the show means seeing more of her amazing fridge, too.

3. Happier Taylor
We get that Taylor’s road to happiness has been a long one since Russell’s death, but having to watch her spats with the ladies this season not to mention her excessive drinking has been a bit tough. Given that Taylor herself has admitted to being “embarrassed” by her recent behavior on the show, we’re hoping she’ll be in better spirits (but not alcoholic spirits) in the near future.

2. Improved Kim-Kyle relationship
Kim and Kyle both seem to want to have a closer relationship, but it appears to kind of be lip service on both of their parts. It was especially jarring earlier this season to see Kyle drinking heavily with the other Housewives during the Ojai trip that Kim planned to celebrate her sobriety. We’d like to start seeing more of an effort to work on their friendship on both of their parts.

1. The same old Brandi... more or less.
Would the show be as much fun to watch without Brandi speaking her mind whenever she sees fit? Nope! Granted, we’d like to see her resolve things with Adrienne and that might entail Brandi apologizing to her for that comment about Adrienne’s family. But we don’t want Brandi to completely censor herself, since her willingness to put people in their place not to mention make fun of herself has provided the show with some of its most memorable moments.