Top 5 Tyra-isms of Cycle 15, Episode 11
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America's Next Top Model

Top 5 Tyra-isms of Cycle 15, Episode 11

Though long the America's Next Top Model dictator, Tyra was the director last night, and she certainly had a few memorable lines during her debut. Check out the Top 5 Tyra-isms.

5. (Explaining the hair flip portion of the shoot): You're just gonna do that fifteen times and get a head rush.

So a fairly simple task as this show goes.

4. (On Jane's performance): She's holding onto the handle bars of control.

Because all of this is kind of like a bike with no brakes.

3. (While instructing Chelsey): And now I'm coming to get you, I'm coming to get you. Go...aggghhh!

In the unabridged version of the play, Juliet says this to Romeo in that very spot in Verona.

2. (To Kayla, when she tried on a dress): It looks like your date's about to come pick you up. With a phone number on the side of the limo.

Sounds like a pretty special occasion to us.

1. (On Ann's open blouse): My beauty is my boobies!

Yay, boobies!

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