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Top Chef Hostess Padma Lakshmi Flaunts Toned Abs (VIDEO)

Do you ever watch Top Chef and just loathe Padma Lakshmi? Not for anything she did. Girlfriend’s great. Nice, smart, beautiful. We love you, Padma! But by the grace of Tom Colicchio, we hate her, too.

There she is eating her weight in gourmet food and somehow she’s still rocking a body fit to walk the runway. We’ve seen the amount of butter those Top Chef contestants use. How do you do it, Padma?!

These days, the 43-year-old is looking better than ever despite having a little one at home to divide her energies. Padma gave birth to daughter Krishna Thea just over four years ago, on February 20, 2010, and honestly, even in the months right after her pregnancy you could barely tell she’d had a baby. It’s magic.

Padma recently showed off her killer abs in a crop top ensemble for a recent red carpet event. Wearing a belly-baring top and long black skirt, Padma looked flawless at the Brooklyn Artist Ball. Her stomach’s so flat you could eat off of it (not that we’re suggesting that).

Can you believe how good Padma looks, or have you just given up on ever understanding how she does it? Tell us in the comments.