Top Courtney Robertson Moments of The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 6
Top Courtney Robertson Moments of The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 6
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Top Courtney Robertson Moments of The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 6


Top on or off, mouth twisted left or right, Courtney Robertson is definitely — (wait for it) — “winning” our attention on The Bachelor Season 16. Even people who can’t stand her also can’t stop talking about her (or staring at her boobs — we saw you, Emily O’Brien). Here are Queen Court’s top moments from Episode 6:

1. Courtney goes native
Courtney immerses herself in the traditional life of the Panama village they visit on the group date. The girls are all expected to change into traditional clothing and one of the native ladies even flashes them to show what they are supposed to do. So it really shouldn't have been such a Puritan scandal when Courtney just wore her traditional top without her bikini underneath. “Why be modest?” Courtney says. “We’re one with nature, it’s raining. Go bikini-less.” It's not like she really did run around with her top totally off (that's Natalie Getz's job). The other women think everything Courtney does is wrong, wrong, wrong, but, to quote the great Chris Harrison, “The other women are so worried about the unwritten code of conduct and so worried about Courtney they aren’t worried about the most important person... Ben!”

2. Courtney gets the green light from Ben
The night of the group date, Ben steals Courtney away and validates her forward behavior. “I really appreciate the fact that you notice me and you’re assertive and confident and I really like those things about you.” He asks if those things tend to get her in hot water with the other women. She says they do. He tells her not to stop doing them. Take that, haters.

3. Courtney distracts Jamie… and Ben
But mostly Jamie. Ben never really gives the impression of being 100 percent in any conversation so to see him look around while Jamie babbles isn’t too surprising. But it’s Jamie who screeches her speech to a halt when Courtney strips down to a bikini and goes for a swim — way in the background of their conversation. That would be a good moment for Jamie to give Ben a kiss — not a lesson in how to kiss, but a real kiss. Instead, Jamie seems under Courtney’s sexy spell, ala Blake Julian entranced by Holly Durst’s bikini move on Bachelor Pad Season 2. Give Court credit — girl knows how to get attention on a show where the whole objective is to get more attention than 24 other women. Jamie tries to blame her lost moment on Courtney, but it’s entirely Jamie’s fault for just not being cut out for a 0 to 60 show. Consider it a good thing.

4. Courtney gives Ben the keys to her room
Or at least her room number. Do these ladies all have individual rooms in Panama? The show has that much money now that they all get their own suites or something? Dang. But even Courtney telling The Bachelor about her room number has been done before — remember when Trish Schneider came back after being dumped and offered Bachelor Jesse Palmer her hotel room key, as an alternative to going on his overnight date? Like Ben, he decided not to take her up on that offer. Courtney probably didn’t expect Ben to show up anyway, especially since all the ladies are probably staying together and he couldn’t get away with it as easily as he got away with skinny dipping. Besides, Ben has shown he is not good at making the first move. He likes to be chased.

5. Courtney rejects Emily’s apology
Not one of Courtney’s finer moments, to be honest. She deserves more credit than she gets, but whenever someone apologizes to you — whether you feel it’s sincere or not — it’s never a good idea to re-launch whatever started the fight. Not a good idea to go with “I don’t forgive and forget.” Always take the high road. This was not the high road. It gave Emily more fuel for her feud and, since Emily chose to make her apology in front of the other ladies, it made Courtney look petty instead of righteous. Oh well.

6. Courtney has a vulnerable moment
Even though it was never likely that Ben would go to Courtney’s room, it was nice to hear her have a vulnerable moment. As the cameras wait with her in her room (total set up!), Courtney’s voice-over shares that she has a pattern with men that she dates — she’s appreciated in the beginning and then she’s taken for granted. “I’ve been consistently disappointed by men.” But have they been disappointed by her as well? Something Ben may find out firsthand in next week’s episode.

7. Courtney is worried about going home… not!
Courtney has a little pre-rose ceremony moment with Rachel Truehart where they discuss who might be going home.

Courtney: “I’m feeling like I might be going home.”
Rachel: “Really?”
Courtney: “Just kidding! I feel pretty good actually.”

Ha! Courtney then asks Rachel to be her mirror to see how her hair looks. Awesome made-for-reality-TV moment. Thanks, Court!

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