Tori Spelling Fears Dean McDermott\'s Ashley Madison Account After Kristen Taekman Hangout
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Tori Spelling Fears Dean McDermott’s Ashley Madison Account After Kristen Taekman Hangout


When Kristen Taekman was spotted with Tori Spelling right after news broke that husband Josh Taekman had an Ashley Madison account, we assumed the Real Housewives of New York star was getting advice from the actress on how to handle infidelity. Turns out, they might have mutually needed each other!


Tori and her husband Dean McDermott’s marriage went through the wringer last year after Dean’s 2013 very public cheating scandal. But it appeared things were finally getting better — until the Ashley Madison leak happened.


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According to, when names started being released as users of the extramarital dating site — including her aforementioned friend’s husband — Tori became suspicious again of her spouse of nine years.


“Convinced Dean had an account on the site, Tori began poring over previous credit card statements looking for proof,” the site’s source maintains, though she reportedly didn’t find any evidence, and Radar states none of Dean’s email accounts have been found in the release.

Despite Tori’s frenzied reaction, it sounds like the Chopped: Canada host was understanding of his wife’s concerns and willingly handed over his laptop. However, after “six hours” of Tori’s questioning, he reached his wit’s end.


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“Dean has had enough of Tori’s doubts and questions, and has declared there was never any involvement with the website,” the insider dishes.


Adding insult to injury, the couple has recently downsized and is currently renting a less “extravagant” home, due to some alleged financial issues. Throw in that Dean has been accused of stiffing on his child support payments to his ex, and it can’t be a calm or happy time in the Spelling-McDermott household.


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Hopefully the two can move past it and Tori can focus on her friend Kristen — she’s the one who needs support right now!