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Tori Spelling Talks Sex Life With Dean McDermott — TMI or Tell Me More? (VIDEO)

No subject seems off-limits when it comes to Tori Spelling’s personal life. The original 90210 star welcomed cameras back into her life for Lifetime reality series True Tori, documenting her and husband Dean McDermott’s struggle to piece their relationship back together after he was caught cheating and subsequently checked into rehab.

The series has had plenty of ups and downs during its rocky season. There was that admission during couples therapy that Tori feels she can never give her hubby of seven years “enough sex” followed soon after by Tori’s stress-induced stay in the hospital. And that was just in the first handful of shows.

Now, in the latest torrid clip, the two are back on the therapy couch. Well, until Dean storms out, seemingly fed up with the cameras. That leaves Tori and the ever-patient Dr. Wexler to hash out what just happened. “I wanted to slap him,” Tori says. “It was like, ‘What the fk story are you telling?’ He’s making no sense right now.”

Enraged, Tori goes on to detail everything she feels she’s attempted to keep Dean happy in the bedroom. “I was doing everything he wanted,” she says. “I was doing things I’m pretty sure no married couple of seven years with four tiny kids are doing at home.” We’ll take your word on that one, T.

True Tori airs 9 p.m. Tuesdays on Lifetime.