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Tori Spelling’s Show: Is She Sharing Too Much About Her Husband’s Affair? (VIDEO)

When you become a celebrity, you automatically forfeit some of your privacy, but that doesn’t mean you have to give it up entirely. However, some people go the exact opposite direction and put it all out there, including, most recently, Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tori Spelling. But Tori’s honesty about her marital issues may have fans running in the other direction.

The Spelling heiress’s new Lifetime reality series, True Tori, documents her life after finding out that hubby Dean McDermott had stepped outside of their marriage. But beyond just mentioning the affair, she’s really delving into the drama, even bringing a camera crew to the rehab facility Dean had admitted himself to for sex addiction.

While some might be intrigued to see Tori and Dean duke it out in a counseling session, many are calling her pathetic and seeing her actions as vengeful. Others just see her TMI sharing as embarrassing.

Entertainment Tonight’s expert Dr. Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist, agrees with the general public, stating that “once you share too much information, it’s out of your control.” ET also had her watch the couple’s therapy, where Dean claimed that the sex in their relationship “wasn’t fantastic” — a statement she’s skeptical over.

“People cheat for all kinds of reasons, but it’s rarely because the sex wasn’t good enough,” the doctor says. “It’s usually about newness, wanting to feel excitement, just feeling selfish.”

While we feel for Tori in the aftermath of the affair, we hope that she doesn’t give up too much of herself for the sake of entertainment. Got to keep some things close to the chest!

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