Torrey DeVitto Returning to \'Pretty Little Liars\' — Plus More Intel on Wren\'s Return
Torrey DeVitto
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Pretty Little Liars

Torrey DeVitto Returning to ‘Pretty Little Liars’ — Plus More Intel on Wren’s Return


We've got a long wait before we find out what happened to Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars, but this latest casting news has us a little worried.

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Torrey DeVitto will return to reprise her role as Melissa Hastings before the series end, as confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. And what more obvious reason would Melissa have to return than the death of her little sister?

Of course, there are plenty of clues to give us hope Troian Bellisario's alter-ego survives the gunshot she received at the end of Season 7A, but it's hard not to read into every little thing as a possible portent that not all the liars will make it to the finale.

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Take, for example, this pic, recently shared on the show's official Instagram, quoting that haunting final line of the show's theme.

Two can keep a secret if #PLL #PrettyLittleLiars

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Plus, creator and showrunner Marlene King kept talking about how romantic this final season is, but fans may be forgetting romance can also be tragic. With both Spencer and Toby appearing to be close to death, we couldn't think of a more poignant end for Spoby.

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However, we also have the Hastings sisters' mutual ex coming back before the series end. We can't see a return of Wren Kingston being nearly as much fun if Spencer isn't around for it.

Whether or not our favorite politic is around to see Julian Morris's character in Rosewood again, it sounds like he'll be an instrumental part of the last episode.

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In fact, Marlene's co-showrunner Charlie Craig disclosed the sexy doctor will be "part of the ultimate final twist in the final episode."

It seems clear the bad Brit will factor somehow into the A.D. storyline. Is he Archer's brother as many have speculated? Is he part of the "A" team or "A.D." himself?

One more question: How are we supposed to wait until April?!

Pretty Little Liars returns in April 2017 to Freeform.

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