Who Had the Best Total Meltdown in Real World History?
Who Had the Best Total Meltdown in Real World History?
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Who Had the Best Total Meltdown in Real World History?


What would Real World be without one or more of the roomies losing their cool at one point or another? It’s really bound to happen, when you put seven (or eight, or more now?) strangers in a house with nothing to do but drink and hook up.

Exhibit A: Showertime philosopher Brian, who was driven to complete madness in the Real World: Ex-Plosion finale episode, courtesy of his taunting ex Jenny. Those crazy kids!

So during last night’s April 9 reunion episode of Real World: Ex-Plosion, Wetpaint Entertainment asked Viggle LIVE! users which housemate of years past had the best on-camera freakout. A whopping 70 percent of voters said that Brian’s drunken meltdown reigns supreme, while self-dubbed “Hurricane” Nia from Real World: Portland came in a distant second with 20 percent of the vote. Finally, uber-emotional Frank on Real World: San Diego was last with only 10 percent of users choosing him.

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And speaking Brian’s breakdown, can you believe he and Jenny are back together now? Clearly true love never dies — no matter how many mind games and drama you stir up. If this didn’t break them up, nothing will!

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