Traci Braxton Responds to Braxton Family Values Fans Calling Her a Bully
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Traci Braxton Responds to Braxton Family Values Fans Calling Her a Bully

Traci and Tamar Braxton weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on the latest episode of Braxton Family Values Season 4. Due to an altercation between the two sisters and Tamar’s assistant, their sisters’ retreat went south quickly with Tamar claiming that Traci is always aggressive and Traci calling Tamar a liar. While live-tweeting the episode, Traci asked fans for their thoughts and it appeared that many of them agreed with Tamar. Traci, however, didn’t see it that way and let fans have it.

When one fan commented, “What I think? Is that you and Tawonda[sic] are jealous of tamar.” Well, Traci decided to respond by tweeting, “like you are with us. But it's ok.”

But it didn’t end there.Yet another fan called out Traci’s sisters, Towanda, Trina, and Toni Braxton for sticking up for Traci by saying that they’re lying for Traci after the show “clearly” showed several instances in which Traci was aggressive towards Tay-Tay.

Traci wasn’t a fan of that at all, and fired back, “I'm sorry...... Was you there. Or was you apart of the editing!!!!!!!!!” to the BFV fan. However, that did nothing to quell the feelings of the fans who later said they thought Traci looked “like a bully andblame the edit when they look bad.

Traci was able to keep her composure for the rest of the evening, but we’re not sure how much longer she’ll be able to hold her tongue!

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08.25.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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