Game of Thrones Transformation: Sansa Stark Season 1 Until Now
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Transformation: Sansa Stark Season 1 Until Now

We've made it through four seasons of Game of Thrones. A lot has changed since the fateful day Robert Baratheon came to Winterfell to ask Ned to be his new Hand — not the least of which is Ned's kids. The cute, innocent bunch of youngsters we met in the pilot have grown up a lot over four seasons, physically as well as emotionally.

Arya Stark has gone from cute but essentially harmless tomboy to hardened killer, while her older sis, Sansa (Sophie Turner), has also undergone quite the transformation. When we met her, Sansa was an idealistic young teen in love with the idea of being a princess; now she's becoming a crafty political schemer playing with (or perhaps against) none other than the biggest puppetmaster of them all, Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen).

Her look has transformed, too. When Season 1 premiered, actress Sophie Turner had recently turned 15; now she's 18. Her styling on the show emphasizes how much she's grown. Just look at the difference between her innocent Winterfell braids in comparison to that oh-so-adult all-black look she broke out at the end of Season 4.

Watch out, Westeros. There's a new player in town!

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