Trina Checks Haters in Volatile Instagram Rant: Respect My Motherf—kin’ Name!
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Trina Checks Haters in Volatile Instagram Rant: Respect My Motherf—kin’ Name!


Trina is undoubtedly the queen of Miami hip hop.

Yes, there are other female MCs from the sunshine state such as Khia and Jacki-O, but the original “Baddest Bitch” has been the most successful and respected in her city for almost two decades.

The soon-to-be Love & Hip Hop: Miami star decided to run down her resume for a few haters online, checking them in a volatile rant likely aimed at an aspiring MC who took shots at the “If It Ain’t Me” rapper.


The usually soft-spoken Katrina let it all out on Instagram Live on Wednesday, August 9, letting loose at the camera as she cursed her naysayers.


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“Y’all hoes gonna start putting some respect on my muthaf—kin’ name,” she demanded. “I’mma start making you hoes bow down and kiss my muthaf—kin’ feet.”


The star also took time to shed light on her philanthropic side, saying she’s donated so much time and money to causes for children that the city has created an annual “Trina Day.”

This is in response to haters saying she doesn’t give back to her hometown.


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“I’m too busy planning for Trina Day next year since ‘I don’t give back.’


“Did you ever give any toy drives? I ain’t never seen you at the muthaf—kin’ hospitals giving toys to the kids, bitch.”


While she doesn’t drop names, the southern spitter hinted the haters in question are only talking smack because they want a spot on L&HH: Miami.


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According to the 38-year-old, dissing her will never help their cause.


“Y’all hoes plot and try to get on TV. Bitch, guess what? I am the muthaf—kin’ TV.”


Aspiring MC Kim B recently posted a rant reportedly calling out Trina for drug use on Instagram.


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“My Neck, My Back” rapper Khia called her out as well for not “owning her stripper past” like Cardi B.


Do you think these two took shots at Trina in an effort to join L&HH: Miami? Sound off below.