Trista Sutter Not Sure Andi Dorfman Can “Invest” in Bachelorette Process
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Trista Sutter Not Sure Andi Dorfman Can “Invest” in Bachelorette Process

After the national nightmare that was Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor, we doubt it will take much effort on 2014 Bachelorette Andi Dorfman’s part to be seen as a colossal improvement as Official Rose Distributor. However, Bachelorette O.G. Trista Sutter nonetheless has reservations about Andi’s willingness to commit to the show.

Trista tells E! News that she’s worried about whether Andi might be too concerned about being taken seriously as an attorney in the future to really put her heart on the line. “I truly hope that she's able to put any professional or career concerns out of her mind and fully invest in the process,” Trista says, adding that she herself was worried about what her co-workers might think of her stint on the show. Trista points out that while Andi showed off her pretty-cry on Juan Pablo’s season, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s aware of the emotional vulnerability that’s required to be in charge of the roses.

So does this mean that Trista has doubts as to whether Andi was a solid choice for Bachelorette? It sure sounds that way, not to mention that when Trista picked her top three choices for Bachelorette from Juan Pablo’s season, Andi wasn’t on her list. Instead, Trista was rooting for Clare Crawley, Renee Oteri, or Nikki Ferrell to get the nod. But as it turns out, Renee is now married, Nikki is with Juan Pablo, and Clare may or may not be dating someone.

That said, we understand what Trista is saying about an attorney possibly being worried about being respected by clients after starring on a reality show. However, Andi seemed committed to getting to know Juan Pablo while remaining true to herself, and we have no doubt that she’ll be just as dedicated to developing a real bond with her own 25 gents. In other words: Trista, your objections are overruled.

Do you think Trista has a point about Andi perhaps being reluctant to commit to the show?

Source: E! Online