Courtney Robertson Disses Trista Sutter on Twitter (UPDATE: Trista Fires Back!)
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Courtney Robertson Disses Trista Sutter on Twitter (UPDATE: Trista Fires Back!)

UPDATE 7/2/14: No, Courtney Robertson, you did not sink Trista Sutter's battleship. Yesterday we reported (see story below) a little Twitter spat between The Bachelor's season 16 villainess C.Robs and O.G. Bachelorette Trista over Court's handling of Trista in her new book, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Diary of a Reality Show Villain.

Fans started a kerfuffle between the two when they said Trista talked trash about Court without knowing her or having the facts. Though Trista said it wasn’t true, Court tweeted a direct quote from Trista in which she disses the brunette. There was a spelling error in Trista’s quote, fans ate it up and said, “see, Trista, see, and btw you can’t spell,” and then everyone went their separate ways.

But then... after a good night's sleep, Trista woke up and said nah dawg, that's not how it's ending. This morning she tweeted, "I'd rather be at fault for poor use of spell check than for treating people poorly." Snap-a-roo. In the Twitter convo started by her original tweet, she went on to write, "Being part of the show's history, ppl want to know my opinion about the cast. I comment on people who..." WHAT do those dot dot dots mean, Trista?!

Ms. T continues, "My point w/ that tweet was commenting on the diff between confidence & being 'conceded' in my mind, I posted on my personal twitter acct that she didn’t know the difference.”

Will there be more shots fired? Or can we lay this one to rest...

ORIGINAL STORY 7/7/14: Courtney Robertson was the resident villain during Ben Flajnik’s Season 16 of The Bachelor, and Trista Sutter was the O.G. sweetheart of the entire Bachelor/ette franchise. Unsurprisingly, these ladies have two different ideas about what it means to be a card-carrying member of the exclusive club known as Bachelor Nation. So what happens when one writes a tell-all book that takes a jab at the other? A passive aggressive Twitter fight, of course.

Courtney’s memoir, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Diary of a Reality Show Villain, hit stands on June 24, and the reaction up until now has been pretty favorable. But Trista and Court had a bit of a standoff on Twitter yesterday, thanks to the comments of some fans. One tweeter commented on the fact that Courtney ripped into Trista in her book, writing, “she did really lay into @tristasutter which was much deserve & justified!”

Why did Court call Trista out in her book? Because, as one commenter wrote, Trista “said nasty things [about Courtney] that weren’t based on facts.” That’s where Trista jumped into the convo, asking the commenter, “what did I say that wasn’t based on facts?”

In response to Trista asking what she had said that wasn’t based on facts, Court, the lady of the hour, tweeted a direct quote Trista once wrote about the bad girl. “Courtney calls herself confident. I’d say maybe uneducated because what you are is conceded [sic].” Check and mate.

Not only does Court have proof of Trista talking about her behind her back when the two had never met, but C.Robs also pointed out the spelling error Trista made while calling Court uneducated (“conceited” is the correct spelling of that word, BTW). Trista didn’t respond, so it looks like Court won that round.

Um, note to anyone wanting to make a point about someone else being uneducated — spell check, spell check, spell check. That way your jabs will stay jabs and not come back to bi-atch slap you in your own face.

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