Trista Sutter Freaks Out After Son Max Wants to “Do Nothing” For a Job (VIDEO)
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Trista Rehn Sutter

Trista Sutter Freaks Out After Son Max Wants to “Do Nothing” For a Job (VIDEO)


There are many former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars whose post-show career paths we’ve questioned — but Trista Sutter’s is not one of them.

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The inaugural franchise star has kept super busy since she and Ryan Sutter tied the knot on TV over a decade ago, having two adorable kids, writing a book, and even shooting an HGTV renovation show.

But it sounds like Trista has had insecurities about her self worth, something partially caused by a surprising comment her eight-year-old son Max once made.

As she explained during her recent TedxVail talk, titled “The Value of YOU,” the 43-year-old asked Max and her daughter Blakesley, 6, what they wanted to be when they grew up. While Blakesley outlined a laundry list of ambitions — dancer, singer, teacher, artist, veterinarian, physical therapist, mom, and more — Max had another idea.

“He looked up at me and said: ‘I want to be like you, Mom. I want to do nothing,’” the Happily Ever After author recalled.

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That sent the former reality star into a tailspin, wondering if her son thought less of her for not carrying on a 9-to-5 job.

“Does he think that I do nothing? That I’m just a mom?” she remembered thinking. “And there it was, those three little words: ‘just a mom.’”

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And her history on reality TV didn’t make her feel any better. She continued, “Really, I’m most-known for handing out roses on the first season of a reality show called The Bachelorette, where, crazy enough, I met and fell in love with the man of my dreams … and now, I’m just a mom.”

Since that moment, Trista said she’s tried to stop looking down on what she does as a parent, and not avoid the “just a mom” label.

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“With a little reflection I have since chosen to believe that in Max’s case, what he said was an incredible compliment,” she concluded. “He saw being just a mom as being happy and fulfilled, giving the phrase the most positive of connotations.”

You go, girl!