Trista Sutter: Juan Pablo Galavis Only Cares About Physical Appearance
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Trista Sutter: Juan Pablo Galavis Only Cares About Physical Appearance

A big reason why Juan Pablo Galavis has been having issues with some of the women — like, say, Sharleen Joynt and Andi Dorfman — is that those ladies felt their relationships didn’t move beyond a superficial level. Now, Bachelor alums Catherine Giudici and Trista Sutter agree that Juan Pablo was choosing women by thinking with, uh, the wrong organ.

In her Parade blog this week, original Bachelorette Trista shared her three favorite Bachelor Nation tweets about the Fantasy Suites episode. One of her top three was this biting observation from Sean Lowe’s better half, Catherine: “So [Juan Pablo] thinks each girl is ‘pretty,’ ‘sexy,’ and ‘ayeayeaye.’ Should make for a great long term relationship. #TheBachelor.” Zing!

Trista agrees that Juan Pabs appears to be a bit too focused on the ladies’ looks. “I think a lasting relationship requires physical attraction (have you seen my husband?!), but on week eight, was just hoping for him to reveal a bit more depth in his search,” Trista writes. Let’s hope Trista isn’t holding her breath.

First thing’s first: Trista is right about her husband, Ryan, being easy on the eyes. He’s a total fox. And so, while pretty much every Bachelor/ette initially develops feelings for their ladies or gents based on physical attraction, the more successful relationships on the show quickly move beyond just that. After all, Ben Flajnik always seemed to like Courtney Robertson primarily because of her model looks, and we all know how that worked out.

Indeed, Juan Pablo’s wolf whistles over the ladies’ looks seems to back up Chris Harrison’s notion that he wasn’t really looking for love on the show. Then again, Juan Pablo was pretty much chosen as the Bachelor solely based on his smokin’ hot looks, so maybe this is all just a vicious circle.

Do you think Trista and Catherine are right about Juan Pablo being too superficial?

Source: Trista’s Parade Blog