Trista Sutter Shares Her Pick for the Next Bachelorette! Who Is It?
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Trista Sutter Shares Her Pick for the Next Bachelorette! Who Is It?

Trista Sutter knows a thing or two about who would make a good Bachelorette. After all, the woman was the show’s first-ever Official Rose Distributor and has now been married to her choice from the show, Ryan Sutter, for ten years. So when she weighs in on which of Juan Pablo Galavis’s lovelies would be the best choice to pass out her own pile of roses, we’re gonna listen.

Trista Sutter Shares Her Pick for the Next Bachelorette! Who Is It?
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Trista has been watching The Bachelor Season 18 intently and shares her thoughts on each episode in her Parade blog. In a recent post, Trista revealed a surprising choice for the girl she thinks would be the best Bachelorette: Clare Crawley!

“If she isn’t the one holding the final rose, she is my top pick for Bachelorette Season 10,” Trista writes about Double C. “I love her honesty, her spunk, and her family values. She’s articulate and willing to go on an adventure in the name of love.”

Interesting choice, no? We must admit, we doubt that most viewers would have Clare at the top of their lists for Bachelorette, given that she has been a polarizing one this season, between her battles with Nikki and her did-they-or-didn’t-they ocean dip with Juan Pabs. But Trista is right that Clare has a lot of the traits that make for a strong choice for the show’s lead.

“She also seems ready to find someone to spend her life with and, as a hairstylist, could move anywhere after the show to give that special someone and their relationship priority,” Trista continues. “Not to mention, she’s beautiful, and if she doesn’t end up watching the DVD from her father with JP, I’m hoping she would share it with us (Bachelor/ette fans, of course!) on her own season!”

There you go: Trista is firmly in Clare’s camp. So we suppose that her point of hairstylists being able to easily switch locations is valid, although the same could theoretically be said for a nurse (Nikki), an attorney (Andi), or a realtor (Renee). And it’s true, it would be touching to get to see what her dad recorded on the DVD.

So has all this talk of the next Bachelorette got you dying to know who it might be? Click here to see who Reality Steve is claiming has already been chosen! Otherwise, you’ll have to wait a while to find out.

Are you surprised that Trista would choose Clare as the next Bachelorette?

Source: Trista Sutter’s Parade Blog