Trista Sutter Picks the Season 19 Bachelor! Who Does She Want? — Exclusive
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Trista Sutter Picks the Season 19 Bachelor! Who Does She Want? — Exclusive

Trista Sutter is responsible for giving us one of our favorite Bachelors ever, Bob Guiney, who first appeared on her Bachelorette Season 1. So, when she speaks about suitable guys to take over the rose-doling duties, we listen. Which is why when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the new star of WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp, we were all ears about who should be next.

It turns out Trista is totally loving watching Andi Dorfman at the helm of the franchise, and she’s definitely enthusiastic about several of her suitors. She tweeted the other day that the chemistry between the Season 10 star and smooth-talking former baseballer Josh Murray is “unmatched.” But if Andi doesn’t pick him, well, Trista is still on #TeamJosh!

“My top two right now are Josh and Marcus,” she told Wetpaint, while doing press with husband Ryan Sutter. Great taste, lady. We love Marcus’s total Baldwin-ness (in both the Clueless way and the famous family lookalike way), and Josh and Andi definitely have that chemistry she mentions.

So, the question is, which guy will reign supreme in Trista’s book? “Whichever one she doesn’t pick would be great. Or, if she doesn’t pick either guy, they’re both great choices!” We tend to agree. While we’ve already learned who Andi picks (spoil yourself here!), Trista’s word is law in Bachelor Nation.

What do you think: Would you rather tune in for some more Murray or the god-like Grodd? Hit the comments and spill your thoughts! And don't forget to catch Trista and Ryan on Marriage Boot Camp Friday nights on WE tv.

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