Trista Sutter: Bachelorette Relationships Aren’t That Different Than Real Life
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Trista Sutter: Bachelorette Relationships Aren’t That Different Than Real Life

If you’re old enough to operate a love boat down the rose-colored canal — or, if you were able to log on here without your parents’ permission — then you might remember the majesty of Trista and Ryan Sutter’s wedding in 2003. It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years since the gorgeous televised ceremony, but it’s true! And now, Trista is revealing all sorts of wisdom in a new book and on TV.

The Season 1 Bachelor runner-up and inaugural Bachelorette appeared on Good Morning America on December 2 to discuss her new book, Happily Ever After: The Power of a Grateful Heart. In an interview with Robin Roberts, Trista explains that she isn’t necessarily responsible for how her relationship turned out.

“I will say that we just luckily, or personally I think that someone was watching out for me,” she says, and we don’t think she’s talking about Chris Harrison. “We just had all the components: trust, honesty, respect, love, commitment, friendship, humor… you know, all of those things wrapped into one.”

But while she has a good thing going on, she doesn’t think she’s the only one who can make the show a success. In fact, she thinks the folks walking away with a ring have a pretty good shot at a similar fairytale. “I can’t speak to the other relationships, but I think if you compare the Bachelor and Bachelorette relationships to the real world, it’s probably not that different,” she explains. “How many relationships do you go through before you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?”

We’re so happy that she and Ryan have kept their love going strong for such a long time, and love looking at pictures of Maxwell and Blakesley on Trista’s Twitter all the time. And for those of you who didn’t get a good look at Trista and Ryan back in the day, T confirmed that they’ll be renewing their vows on the January 19 installment of “Juan-uary” Sunday specials on ABC. Will you tune in to watch?

Source: Good Morning America

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