Trista Sutter Schools Juan Pablo Galavis on Respect in Relationships
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Trista Sutter Schools Juan Pablo Galavis on Respect in Relationships

While it feels like Bachelor Nation is getting to capacity, there will always be one person we listen to on any matter of controversy: Trista Sutter. The original Bachelorette was our first lady love in Bachelor Nation, and after over 10 years with show winner and husband Ryan Sutter, we kinda think she knows what she’s talking about when she gives relationship advice. So, when Trista laid down the law in her Parade blog about Monday’s Season 18 The Bachelor finale and “After the Final Rose” special, we were all ears.

Trista’s been all about the “Top 3” lists this season, and this week, she took on the task of dishing out relationship advice, thanks to Juan Pablo Galavis. Basically, Trista was not cool with the way he treated Nikki Ferrell on the finale, or the way he treated a bunch of the girls this season, and she wants to help.

Trista Sutter Schools Juan Pablo Galavis on Respect in Relationships
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Trista calls out Juan Pablo’s “lack of respect” as a “consistent theme throughout the season,” including in the finale, when he whispered the opposite of a sweet nothing to Clare Crawley, and strung her along. While she appreciates speaking “from the heart in the interest of honesty,” Trista points out that speaking disrespectfully, without compassion or understanding, is a whole ‘nother ball game. “My hope is that he will take this opportunity and consciously choose kindness over honesty no matter whom he is speaking to… not only for his own benefit, but for the happiness of Nikki as well as [his daughter] Camila and all the people in his life,” she writes.

The Season 1 Bachelorette also points out that relationships are “a two-way street. Juan Pablo’s last moments of airtime seemed very one-sided and narcissistic.” Of particular concern were the ways he said “You are here because I wanted you to be here,” and emphasized himself in asking Nikki to “accept my final rose.” Trista says his wink and “I like you A LOT” are not enough affection for that situation. “As a father and grown man, he needs to step up to the plate and meet her halfway. I’m not sure what that looks like, but it does not include a wink.”

Trista Sutter Schools Juan Pablo Galavis on Respect in Relationships
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Trista has been dishing out plenty of real talk this season, so this should really come as no surprise. Back in February, she disagreed with Juan Pablo over the issue of having a gay Bachelor, saying “everyone deserves love and I’d love to see anyone go for the show if they’re in it for the right reasons.” A week later, she called out Nikki for being “cocky” and “insensitive” with her callous comments and expectation that she’d be the winner (well, she did win…).

Even more recently, Trista said that Juan Pablo was putting too much emphasis on looks over other, more important things, in his selection of his girls. “I think a lasting relationship requires physical attraction (have you seen my husband?!), but on week eight, was just hoping for him to reveal a bit more depth in his search,” she wrote in her Parade blog.

Trista Sutter Schools Juan Pablo Galavis on Respect in Relationships
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Sounds like no matter how many lists Trista makes about The Bachelor, it’s unlikely Juan Pablo and Nikki are going to make any of the good ones unless something changes.

Lastly, she writes about how Nikki paused before accepting the final rose, since she was likely expecting a proposal. “I don’t know Nikki and I don’t know that she wants to know me, but what I do hope as someone who feels strangely maternal towards all the people that travel along the same crazy reality show journey that I once did … If she digs deep for the truth, answers [questions about her happiness] from the heart, and trusts her intuition, she’ll know where she is meant to be.” With or without Juan Pablo, that is.

What do you think about Trista’s thoughts on Juan Pablo? Do you agree, or are you on the fence?

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