Trista Sutter “Shocked” Juan Pablo and Nikki Are Joining Couples Therapy — Exclusive
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Trista Sutter “Shocked” Juan Pablo and Nikki Are Joining Couples Therapy — Exclusive

As fans of The Bachelorette likely have heard, Trista Sutter and her show-found hubby Ryan Sutter are going on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp, and we’re totally stoked. Now, Season 18 Bachelor pair Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell are following suit, currently filming Couples Therapy for VH1. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the original Bachelorette to talk about the other show twosome seeking help on the small screen.

With her own filming in the bag, we figured Trista would have a lot to say about the most recent duo doing the show, but we were surprised at her candid answer. Had she heard, and what did she think? “Oh yes, I’m shocked. I was shocked,” Trista tells us, explaining “Um, you know I think I was shocked because I’ve watched Couples Therapy, and it’s basically group therapy for some people who have pretty big issues.”

Before you go thinking this is a case of the pot calling the kettle misguided, Trista isn’t shocked so much because Ferravis is going back for more reality TV, but rather because of the show they chose. “I hate to be judgemental, because so many people are judgemental of us being on Marriage Boot Camp,” she continues, “and I do want them to be happy, to have what we have. But I was a little shocked because I don’t know, had I known they were considering it, I would have told them to come to Marriage Boot Camp instead. Because while sitting in a room and talking can be beneficial, I just feel like the exercises coupled with the therapeutic exercises coupled with the strategies of Jim and Elizabeth [Carroll] were incredibly helpful for us.”

Indeed, Juan Pabs and Nix just sat down with the Marriage Boot Camp counselors to which Trista refers, when the foursome had lunch in Miami in March, a week after their finale. Perhaps they pitched their story to the Carrolls at the time and were brutally rebuffed, or perhaps it was the draw of the paycheck that lured them in. Courtney Robertson says in her tell-all book that she and Ben Flajnik were offered 40 thousand dollars apiece to do CT.

What do you think of Trista’s thoughts on Juan Pablo and Nikki’s next phase of reality TV stardom? Do you agree that it’s shocking for them to head to the show instead of Marriage Boot Camp?

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