Trista Sutter’s 10 Year Anniversary Ring — All the Pink Diamond Details!
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The Bachelorette

Trista Sutter’s 10 Year Anniversary Ring — All the Pink Diamond Details!

Are your eyes still a little misty from last night’s The Bachelor: Love Stories?

Viewers saw The Bachelorette golden couple Trista and Ryan Sutter renew their vows after 10 years together in a simple, beautiful ceremony. This time, they had their two children by their sides — plus their newest baby: a giant pink diamond ring. Did you see that beauty? Daaaammmnn, Ryan!

Ryan surprised Trista with the special 10-year anniversary present, and our girl’s eyes went huge when she saw the Neil Lane sparkler. We’re thinking the Vail, Colorado fire department probably isn’t paying Ryan that well, and Neil may have dipped into his ABC deal to help make this happen.

Neil shared all the ring details with People, saying romantic Ryan wanted to give Trista something with “extra sparkle” to show his love for her.


Since Trista loves pink, Ryan and Neil collaborated on the perfect pink ring design, texting back and forth to consider a half dozen concepts. (It’s a good thing Trista doesn’t check Ryan’s phone or she would have ruined the surprise.)

People has close-up photos of the result — a 4-carat ring featuring an emerald-cut diamond surrounded by 208 smaller, round diamonds.

Neil explained that the band is entwined, representing the couple’s shared love, “and we accented it with 16 pink diamonds to give it a little extra sparkle and take it up a notch.” It’s up there!

Trista Sutter’s 10 Year Anniversary Ring — All the Pink Diamond Details!
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"This is a very glamorous, romantic ring,” Neil added. “The one Ryan gave her 10 years ago has so much sentimentality, of course, but after all these years together, this was an opportunity to give something spectacular and knock her off her feet."

Oh yes. As you might imagine, Trista loves the ring almost as much as she loves Ryan. Neil gets to experience all the happiest hours of these Bachelor relationships, and he told People, “there’s a mutual glow between [the Sutters]. After 10 years, they’re more in love than ever!”

It hasn’t always been easy, though, as they admitted during the special. Trista said there were days when she wondered if this would be the fight to break them. But the tough times have only made them stronger and they’re both looking forward to what the next 10 years will bring.

On January 20, Ryan shared the beautiful pic shown of their anniversary wedding cake, with family photos in the background. “For ten years I've had my cake and got to eat it too! Thanks everyone for all the support! #grateful.”

They are setting a high bar for all the other couples!

Did you watch last night’s special? What do you think of Trista’s new ring?

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