Tristan MacManus Looking Forward to Dance Duel, Calls Bruno’s Steamy Comment “Stupid”
Tristan MacManus Looking Forward to Dance Duel, Calls Bruno’s Steamy Comment “Stupid”
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Tristan MacManus Looking Forward to Dance Duel, Calls Bruno’s Steamy Comment “Stupid”


It’s Motown Week on Dancing With the Stars Season 14, Week 6, and the Motown artist in residence, Gladys Knight, got the lowest score of the night for her Rumba and marathon dance. With just 24 points out of a possible 40, it’s entirely possible (but not a given) that Gladys and Tristan MacManus will face another couple in tonight’s bottom-two Dance Duel.

Are they worried about it?

“No,” Tristan told On the Red Carpet. “We’re looking forward to it, because it’s another chance to dance for people. It’s Motown Week and we opened the show and then if we end up in the Dance Duel then potentially we’ll end the show as well — so what a way to start and end it.”

What a positive attitude! On that note, in regards to them being at the bottom of the leaderboard, Tristan said it’s just a sign of the competition stepping up. “If a Motown legend can be bottom of the barrel and everyone else do so well, that’s a tribute to Motown as well.” Motown wins the week!

It’s too bad he’s Irish and too young to run for U.S. president or he’d have our vote already.

Then again, Tristan’s not always Mr. Irish rainbows with pots of gold. Sometimes he does get annoyed. In his always-a-must-read Entertainment Weekly interview, Tristan expressed some irritation with judge Bruno Tonioli’s comment that he likes his Rumbas to be more steamy.

“We were hoping for a faster dance but the Rumba’s what we got,” Tristan said. “I was annoyed by some of the comments the judges made. They put me in a fierce bad mood afterwards. What Bruno said about wanting a more steamy dance — I thought that was stupid. It wasn’t about being steamy and hot, and no one wants to see me steamy with Gladys. I don’t think it was appropriate.

“They said, well maybe you’re not the best dancer, and things needed to be more steamy. Being steamy doesn’t make anyone a better dance either, does it? That’s just a gimmick. That’s what really annoyed me. It should have been marked on the dance and not marked on flamboyance.”

And even he thinks Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower got a raw deal last night, as just about everyone agreed in our little poll.

“Chelsie and Roshon were underscored immensely for what they’d done,” Tristan continued. “I thought they were great, know what I mean? There just needs to be consistency somewhere and there definitely needs to be a bit of common sense in places as well. So as much as people are saying about Len, he’s this and he’s that — he knew that the appropriateness of what should have happened tonight, and Bruno and Carrie Ann should have known that as well.”

Burn, Bruno and Carrie Ann Inaba! It’s cold when even the nicest guy in the world thinks you were off your game. Read Tristan’s full EW interview for a lot more.

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