Tristan MacManus Talks About Move to Strictly Come Dancing: \
Tristan MacManus Talks About Move to Strictly Come Dancing: “I Needed a Change”
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Tristan MacManus Talks About Move to Strictly Come Dancing: “I Needed a Change”


We’re trying very hard to be happy for Dancing With the Stars pro Tristan MacManus as he leaves L.A. to compete on Strictly Come Dancing this fall in London. It’s actually cool news for him, even if it’s not as great for us as DWTS viewers.

Tristan is an Irish lad with friends and family in the U.K., so it’s kind of a homecoming. Tristan talked to MacManiacs about the big change.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Tristan said. “Yeah, we have been looking for a solution for the last few months to see what we could do, as I have wanted a fresh start for a while now. Luckily with [new showrunner] Rob [Wade] coming in to replace Conrad [Green], he was gracious enough to sort out a move for me. But it was only finalized a few days ago, right before it was announced, so it was touch and go whether it was going to happen or not for a bit. I managed to let my ma know before the papers came out in the mornin'. I got to the point where my head was already made up that I needed a change with regards to what I wanted to do, and I’m happy that Strictly and DWTS could come to an arrangement."

Tristan said he already knows the majority of the Strictly cast from different shows, including Burn the Floor, and he doesn’t expect too many differences from DWTS — especially since judges Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli also judge the U.K. show. “As far as I know or from what I have heard is that it’s a little more traditional Ballroom and not so much themes but sure ya never know what is gonna change,” he said. “I’m just happy to be starting.” (Maybe DWTS should consider slowing down on the themes; they used to be occasional, now they are the rule.)

Overall, he said he’s just looking forward to “enjoying the ride” in a new experience. “I know how much the audience love the show there and that’s something that excites me. I can tell already how excited family and friends are getting and that gives me a great buzz, and the support for the show is immense there. There are a lot of English dancers there who will get the home support going, and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting the Irish behind me – haha! I’m looking forward to the banter there more than anything else.”

It does sound like a great opportunity for him, and we hope the Irish fans do back him and help him get his own trophy. Read more of his interview here. Good luck, Tris!

DWTS Season 19 will air this fall 2014 on ABC.

Source: MacManiacs