Tristan MacManus Talks Strictly Come Dancing: “It’s a Lot More Relaxed and Offensive Here”
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Dancing With The Stars

Tristan MacManus Talks Strictly Come Dancing: “It’s a Lot More Relaxed and Offensive Here”

It’s a big week for Dancing With the Stars — and at least one pro alumni. The DWTS Season 19 cast will be revealed tomorrow (Thursday, September 4) and this Sunday, September 7 also marks the launch show for the U.K.’s Strictly Come Dancing, which still features Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli as judges and now Tristan MacManus as one of the pro dancers.

Tristan talked to MacManiacs over the weekend, giving updates on his transition and rehearsals. "I have been really made feel at home straight away, and the pros I never met before have treated me like I’ve known them for years,” Tristan said, “so I’m really happy to be here and already feel very much at home with the cast. It’s just a very positive environment to be in, and everyone is very genuine and excited about the new season.”

Tristan has danced with several of the show’s pros before, and they’ve been able to catch up, but he added that they haven’t been doing too much messing around yet because there’s been a lot of work to do. Tristan said he’s also made a conscious decision to not compare DWTS to Strictly, since they’re so different, but he did share some first impressions. “It’s very much about the celebs here so far which is the way it should be. We all learn a routine together before the pairs are even announced so it’s great to get to meet everyone at the get go, and there is no motive of grabbing the one you want - haha. There are some great personalities here this year.”

Tristan will learn his celeb partner during the launch show, which is a bit of a twist, and he shared more details on the overall process. “In Hollywood we have the studios where four to five couples rehearse together daily, or at least in the same building, where as here it is pretty separate — which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it’s just the first major difference so it’s nice I think for people at the start. As well with it being a launch 'show' and not just an unveiling it gives the celebs a look into how it will be once they actually start the show, because they have worked with the pros together to learn a routine and see how the live show works and going from studio to live studio and having an audience before the 'competition' starts. We have met a few people from each department already as well so wardrobe and hair/make-up seem like a great bunch, and I love the banter and humor here. It’s a lot more relaxed and offensive here – hahaha! I love it!”

Awww — DWTS should be more relaxed and offensive too! (From what Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron have said, it does get that way during rehearsals, they just give us the clean version on the live show. We want the dirty bits!)

Read more from Tristan here. Good luck on Strictly!

Source: MacManiacs