Trivia: Stuff You Need To Know for Week 6

Dancing With The Stars

Trivia: Stuff You Need To Know for Week 6

Famke Janssen as Jean Grey in X-Men. It’s Erin Andrews’ younger and equally gorgeous sister, Kendra Andrews.

Kendra, 27, is a professional dancer who performed with other dancers recently at the 82nd Academy Awards. She moved to Los Angeles from New York last fall and has a role as a street dancer in the film Step Up 3-D, which is scheduled to be released in August. Kendra is hosting Erin at her L.A. home while Big Sis competes on DWTS. As Kendra said before Season 10 started, "Erin had some doubts about doing it but I know she can dance because we grew up dancing in Tampa. We took dance lessons when we were young at Brandon School of Dance Arts. She's a tough competitor."

According to Tampa Bay Online, Erin went to the University of Florida to study broadcasting and joined the Dazzlers, the dance team that performed at UF basketball games. Kendra went to Florida State University and was on the Golden Girls dance team. Read more about Kendra here in this H2O Magazine article.

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Trivia: Stuff You Need To Know for Week 6
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What dance moves was Len missing from Nicole & Derek’s Samba?

Len told Derek he mostly judges Sambas on Voltas and Bota Fogos. Say whah?

Volta is like a bouncing circular motion. Or something. Watch it here:

According to Wikipedia, a generic Bota Fogo —or Botafogo — step pattern may start from any foot, either forward and backward, and its three steps are counted as "1..a2". During the dance the Botafogos are usually repeated several times, from alternating feet.

Here’s a guy apparently doing a Bota Fogo.

Louis did not diss Kate

Remember the article from last week where Louis said Kate Gosselin needed a psychologist? Apparently it was not correct. Louis launched a tweet war/discussion with fans about bad reporting, based on the original Us Weekly article.

• “Did u guys read USweekly online?Apparently i slammed on Kate.Wrong!I said dance can be used as great therapy,she'd needed to use it as such”

• “I hate it when reporters change the meaning of ur words.Regina Avalos if u were the reporter,please next time don't twist my words,thank u!”

• “I actually grew on Kate a lot.I did say i wished she would have let her guard down sooner 4 her own sake,but it's hard in her position.”

• “lol....i'll be clearer.The more i got to know Kate,the more i liked her as a person!!!!Better?”

• “Unfortunately the media is powerful,u have to watch what u say,how u say it,when u say it,what u do,how u do it.Live n let live.Get a life!”

• “@sephoralover actually not at all, i wanted to make sure myself i sad something about it.If i had said it,i would have owned it,but i didn’t”

• “@TVG_Sammi thank u!!!The unfortunate thing is some reporters ruin it for other reporters w lots of integrity”

• “@ManetteA yes,first i thought im just gonna let it go n not say anything,but its time people spoke up n put those peops in their place”

• “@EmmaSmiths1 excuse me?I never said anything about Tony's teaching style.Don't put words in my mouth!!!!!thanx”

This is downside of Twitter. Yes, you can get your message out, but sometimes you get tangled up in getting the message out and can never stop trying to correct everyone’s perspective of the message. It’s exhausting.

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