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Trivia Time! Stuff You Need To Know: Week 4

Let’s get some behind-the-scenes details from “Passion Night” on Week 4 of Dancing with the Stars.

What happened to Niecy’s brother?

Niecy and Louis dedicated their spiritual Rumba to her brother Michael, who died 17 years ago. Niecy’s family has a long history of troubles, as she and her mother Margaret Ensley shared with The Insider. In 1993, Niecy's brother Michael was shot and killed at 17 years old on his high school campus by a fellow student. "He had his books on his back headed for his 2nd period class and a young man made his way on the campus with a loaded .22 and shot him," Margaret said. "I couldn't scream, I couldn't do anything. Tears just fell but I was disconnected from it all. And I've never recovered from that."

Jake regrets his wardrobe malfunction

Jake tripped during his Tango when the heel of his shoe slid on the hardwood floor, causing him to almost fall. “[In rehearsals] Chelsie said maybe I should put something on my heel to keep it from slipping, but I thought it would be fine,” Jake told People.com. “That’s going to cost us some votes.”

Stars get bad breath, too

“Passion Night” meant lots of close dancing and a lot of the couples popped breath mints to prepare. But Nicole joked that her partner Derek‘s “breath is kicking like Bruce Lee!” Nicole confessed that she heard that line in a movie. And as Derek insisted, the couple’s breath “is always fresh.” Sure, Derek. Sure.

T.O. takes center stage

Who was that guy sitting with Chad’s kids and immediately standing to give Pamela a standing ovation after her Rumba? That would be controversial football pro Terrell Owens. TO was also there at the start of Chad’s Cha-Cha-Cha with Cheryl on opening night. TO also has some history with ABC. He appeared in a controversial Desperate Housewives skit in 2004 with Nicollette Sheridan. Some people took issue with the skit as being sexually suggestive because of Nicollette removing a towel and ABC later apologized for airing it. TO competed on The Superstars last summer for ABC and was paired with supermodel Joanna Krupa. The pair did not exactly hit it off and Joanna repeatedly vented her frustrations that he wasn’t much of an athlete. Joanna went on to compete on Season 9 of DWTS with Derek Hough. So will we see TO on this show in the future? He appears to have plenty of time.

Aiden & Edyta expect to go home

If you read their Tweets, Aiden & Edyta are taking their second-to-last (after Kate & Tony) scores as a sign that they may have to say goodbye. “Good morning! It's going to be difficult to survive today's elimination, but thank you so much for all your votes and support. Love you all!” Edyta Tweeted. “Dance went well I thought But judges robbed me If you could be so kind as to vote for me, i'll love ya forever 1 (800) 868-3409” Aiden wrote. We’ll see if it worked.

Maks is the source of all honesty

While most of the stars and pros lauded the double scoring system, Maks was not a fan. “It was a double opportunity to score somebody wrong,” he told People, adding that some of the judges’ comments did not reflect the scores they gave the contestants. “A lot of couples were confused.” He also had some choice words for Kate on her attitude about dancing with his good friend Tony. “I’ve spoken to Kate, and I don’t think she gets the point of this thing yet,” Maks wrote on April 9 in his blog on TVGuide.com. “The pain on her face says it all, which is unfortunate. …Tony is trying to relay the message while responsibly getting the routine done. He has a plan, and she needs to focus and listen to him.”

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