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It seems everyone has something to say about pop culture phenomenon Miley Cyrus these days — even Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario! But can you really blame Troian? The 20-year-old twerker is everywhere these days.

During a recent Twitter Q&A, a fan asked Troian what she thought about Miley Cyrus’s recent behavior in the media, and the 27-year-old TV starlet replied, “Sad-I think she might not want to be a role model, but she is & she producing things not for her art, but for shock value.”

Miley first made headlines after her controversial VMAs performance went viral and catapulted her into the pop culture zeitgeist. Some called it offensive, others called it a modern-day minstrel act. Miley herself called it a "strategic hot mess." It seems Troian wasn’t a fan of the hypersexualized performance.

“It’s also giving lots of girls the false impression that in order to be looked at or loved they have to exploit their sexuality,” Troian added.

We love how Troian is unafraid to voice her opinions. (It’s very Spencer Hastings of her.) Hopefully, she’s inspiring young PLL fans to do the same — without exploiting their sexuality, of course.

What do you think, PLL fans? Do you agree with Troian — do you think Miley’s behavior is “sad”? Sound off in the comments!

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