True Blood’s Carrie Preston on Todd Lowe’s Departure: “I Was Freaking Out!”
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True Blood’s Carrie Preston on Todd Lowe’s Departure: “I Was Freaking Out!”

My stars, y’all. We’ve been wondering how Carrie Preston feels about her True Blood season 6 storyline! Poor Arlene has really been through hell and back the last few seasons. Hot off her Emmy nomination announcement for The Good Wife, the versatile actress opened up to Vulture about Terry’s death and what might be in store for the brassy red-headed widow.

Preston told the online magazine that the cast knew early on Todd Lowe would be leaving the show, adding that when Todd texted her the news: “I was freaking out … It was hard to take and hard to understand at first, but we trust the writers, and the way they did it was so poignant and it ended up anchoring the whole season. I'm very proud of the show right now.”

She also said that singing to Terry in his death scene “... was quite a lovely gift that the writers gave me because there's something really transformative about song.” And that she cried so much during the scene that the makeup artists had a lot of touch up work to do. Awww. We’re starting to tear up again just thinking about it!

And we found this part of the interview very interesting: Carrie said she initially pushed for Arlene to get deep into witchcraft! “I thought it would have been cool, because Arlene's a very controlling person, and she could have put spells on people to control them.” Whoa. We can only imagine … putting a spell on Sookie so she’ll actually show up for shifts? AMAZING.

So what’s next for her character? Preston said that since Arlene does undergo a personality change in the books, “... she has the ability to go dark.” But she appreciates that “Arlene's function on the show is to serve up some humor,” and she’s “enjoying the balance the writers keep giving me.”

Hmm. If Arlene does end up taking the life insurance money Terry left her, it’ll be interesting to see what how it changes her! We can’t wait to see what happens.

Do you think Arlene will take the money? What’s next for this beloved True Blood character? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Vulture