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True Blood Finale Countdown: 10 Best True Blood Quotes Of Season 4

Only Six Days Left Until the True Blood Season 4 Finale!

True Blood Finale Countdown: 10 Best True Blood Quotes Of Season 4
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Everything sounds better in a laid-back Southern drawl — especially the top 10 quotes from True Blood season 4. Kick back with a tall boy, pop on some sexy red lingerie and a pinkie ring, and enjoy the best blood-curdling quotes of the season!

Oh, and don’t stress that there are no Eric Northman quotes in here. We have an entire list dedicated to his poetic musings coming your way.

10. Jason asks Jesus a probing question: “When you guys role play, does Lafayette ever turn into a woman named Mavis?”

DUH he does.

9. Pam gets defensive: “I am not a zombie!”

As the random Fellowship Of The Sun worshipper duly noted, that’s exactly what a zombie would say.

8. Bill realizes he’s way closer to his family than he ever thought: “You’re my great great great great granddaughter.”

The werepanthers of Hotshot would be proud.

7. Pam is pissed: “You f**k with my face, it’s time to die.”

Yet, surprisingly she hasn’t killed anyone ... yet.

6. Sam reveals his favorite hobby: “Which barbie do I get? I hope she has a bunch of pretty dresses.”

The seeds of Sam’s perverted fetish are planted.

True Blood Finale Countdown: 10 Best True Blood Quotes Of Season 4
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5. Pam gets serious: “I will personally eat, f**k and kill all three of you.”

Fingers crossed.

4. Lafayette continues to blow our minds: “I’m going to beddy-bed, ya’ll bitches clean.”

No words.

3. Sookie: “You killed my fairy godmother!”

Great, now Sookie won’t be able to wear those glass (read: plastic) slippers she bought at Forever 21.

2. Bill goes British: “Fight on, mate!”

Words of wisdom courtesy of the REAL prince William.

1. Jessica: “I can eat who I want!”

Sigh, Baby Vamps.

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