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True Blood Finale Countdown: 15 Sexiest Eric Quotes of Season 4

Only Five Days Left Until the True Blood Season 4 Finale!

True Blood Finale Countdown: 15 Sexiest Eric Quotes of Season 4
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Do you spend your nights fantasizing about swimming naked in a pool full of imaginary Krokidiles with Eric while he whispers sentimental musings in your ear? We’re right there with you. This vamp definitely has a way with words, especially when it comes to the language of puppy love!

Prepare yourself for the Sunday’s True Blood finale with Eric’s 15 sexiest quotes of Season 4!

1. Eric offers Sookie his bloody hand: “We will be one.”

Who doesn’t want to be blood brothers with a Viking?

2. Sookie: “Why is there a bed?”
Eric: “Can we make love in it?”

Have fun getting your “smutsig kon” on, guys! (For those of you not fluent in Viking, that means “dirty sex.”)

3. Eric bonds with Sookie: “I’m listening to your heartbeat. I can feel it, every pulse, through your skin into mine.”

Even Sookie is eye-rolling at this one.

4. Eric flatters Sookie: “You’re blood tastes like freedom, Sookie. Like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle.”

There’s nothing more American that freedom blood.

5. Eric stakes his territory: “Sookie. You. Are. Mine.”

Clearly, Eric was in Sweden for that whole emancipation proclamation thang.

6. Eric makes our hearts melt: “Everyone who claims to love you, your friends your brother, even Bill Compton. They all gave up on your but I. Never. Did.”

Yes, but Bill Compton never chained Sookie up in a sex dungeon, so …

7. Eric’s clearly been watching Jersey Shore: “I know I’m a vampire, Snooki!”

So THAT’S why this vamp is always flashing his abs.

8. Eric shows his vulnerable side: “It tickles … You are really beautiful.”

Sometimes getting foot baths from fairies can be ticklish!

True Blood Finale Countdown: 15 Sexiest Eric Quotes of Season 4
Credit: HBO    

9. Eric’s wasted: “You have a beautiful butt.”

Sorry, Sookie — Eric’s talking to himself, not you.

10. Eric turns on the wistful charm: “I’ll never swim in the sun again. Never feel the heat on my skin. Never see the daylight in your hair.”

Someone needs to buy this vamp a moleskin journal, stat.

11. Eric tries to get himself a fairy smooch: “If you kiss me, I promise to be happy.”

If you don’t kiss me, I promise to remain ridiculously emo.

12. Eric blows our minds: “Hey, Sookie! Where’ve you been? Come, come play with me, it’s wonderful here. I am Ægir, God of the See, and you are Rán, my sea goddess!”

No words.

13. Eric takes on imaginary river monsters: “Gators, KroKodiles, show yourself! Cowards!”

Aw, it’s so cute that Eric has imaginary friends.

14. Eric needs some tender love: “Sookie, I hurt.”

We can’t. We just can’t.

15. Eric wanders into Sookie’s room: “I had a bad dream.”

Someone needs to be spooned!

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