True Blood’s Jamie Gray Hyder on Getting Naked With Alcide! Exclusive!
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True Blood

True Blood’s Jamie Gray Hyder on Getting Naked With Alcide! Exclusive!

The werewolves in True Blood Season 6 have a lot to celebrate, which includes calling Alcide (Joe Manganiello) pack master of the Bon Temps weres. We have yet to see what kind of leader he’ll be, but Alcide definitely experienced the perks of being in power when he found himself tangled in a steamy threesome with comely werewolves Rikki (Kelly Overton) and Danielle (Jamie Gray Hyder).

A newcomer to True Blood in Season 5, Jamie established her character as a fiercely loyal member of the pack. The actress took a moment to chat with Wetpaint Entertainment before the premiere of Season 6 about her very naked scene with Joe Manganiello, what’s next for Danielle, and how Alcide will adjust to his role as pack master this season.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about how you got the part of Danielle in True Blood.

Jamie Gray Hyder: I thought with such a big show like True Blood it would be a very long and drawn out audition process. But my audition only consisted of one line. I went in, I did my one line, I felt good about it, hoping for a call back. I actually got a phone call two hours later telling me I booked it. It took me a couple of days to really register what happened.

Danielle was first introduced last season. What was her role in the story line?

In Season 5 Danielle is a member of the wolf pack. The pack itself is in a big struggle trying to find a pack master. Her character just wants to belong to the group. Last season, she was as much torn as anyone e else as to what side she was on. She eventually sided with JD, partakes in the taking of V and other things that are questionable. In the end, JD ends up getting killed by Alcide and Alcide becomes the new pack master, so that’s where her allegiance lies now.

How do you feel about the nudity on the show?

I made it through all of last season fully clothed. This season is a different story. I’m actually fully nude in the first episode, in my scene with Joe [Manganiello] and Kelly [Overton]. We have a threesome scene in the first episode. I knew it was going to happen eventually. I was really excited to have another season on the show, and they called and asked if I was comfortable with the scene, and told me what was going to happen with my character for the season. On True Blood they take good care of you, and the show is no stranger to nudity. I made the decision to do it and i think it was the right decision. They make sure you look good, and they make sure you're comfortable while you’re doing it too.

What kind of pack master is Alcide?

As much as he fought it, he really stepped up to the plate and wants to do a good job with the pack, but there’s just so much dissension. It’s a really hard group to control. I think that he in theory makes a very good pack master. You see throughout the season the troubles he ends up having in trying to control the group and trying to keep everyone on the same track. As much as he didn't want it, Alcide makes a great leader as long as he can keep everyone on the same page.

What is his biggest challenge as pack master this season?

It’s a very strong-willed group of people that he's trying to lead, and everybody's got their own opinions. Especially this season, there’s so much that happens within the pack. It involves a lot of controversial decisions, and there’s a lot of dissension within the pack. So that’s his biggest challenge.

What is Danielle’s relationship with Alcide moving forward?

Danielle I think doesn't have very much of her own family or people in her life, so the pack is everything to her. So just as she is with JD in the last season where she just stepped up and whatever needed to be done she was willing to do it for the pack, that's sort of the same situation here. She knows Alcide’s in power now so she wants to get in his good graces. And she definitely makes a few mistake along the way. But ultimately he’s the pack master and she wants to please him and she wants to be a senior member of the pack. So whatever she has to do to get in his good graces she’ll do. My character this season, she just comes in and wrecks shops. She’s a home-wrecker in many, many ways. I think I’m going to make a few enemies in the second episode.

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