True Blood’s Jurnee Smollett-Bell Hopes Fans Don’t Hate Nicole
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True Blood

True Blood’s Jurnee Smollett-Bell Hopes Fans Don’t Hate Nicole

If you’re like us, the arrival of new True Blood character Nicole Wright, a vampire rights activist, didn’t strike you in a positive way last Sunday. Nicole was up in Sam’s grill, telling him she knows he’s a shifter. As if Sam doesn’t have enough to worry about! Entertainment Weekly talked with Jurnee Smollett-Bell, who plays Nicole, before the season, and it sounds as though we are likely going to dig her...eventually.

"I don't think people will hate my character," Jurnee said with a laugh.

She revealed since landing the gig on True Blood, friends have tried to get her to sneak them on set, break plot secrets, and more. Before the season even started, she was even bombarded with messages on Twitter by a lot of Truebies.

I got all these people hitting me up on Twitter with these amazing usernames," Jurnee said. "They were all like ‘@ObsessedTrueBlood’ fans. Really funny Twitter user names. And they were all so excited, welcoming and warm. Every time I post something about True Blood they are so enthusiastic. It’s amazing the loyal fan base that this show has,” the former Friday Night Lights actress gushed.

In addition to the rabid fans, Jurnee Smollett-Bell was surprise at how close she's become with the True Blood cast and crew so far.

“The cast is so warm and welcoming," she said. "It can be hard when you join a show that’s so established and so in their groove: It’s a big family and you’re kind of like the new child. It was amazing at the table read — that was technically my first day — and everyone gave me big hugs...”

On this show, you never know if someone is really ever "just a human," but Jurnee remained mum on whether Nicole is harboring and supernatural secrets.

I don’t know if they’re letting me say what I am or not!" said the actress. "A lot of it they don’t even tell us until it happens….I read an episode recently and was just like, ‘What?’ I did not expect that. Didn't see it coming."

What do you think of Nicole so far on True Blood Season 6?